Jews Desperate to Influence the Goyim, Attack Trump’s Arizona Speech

White Nation News
August 23, 2017

It’s comical and gratifying to watch the hysterics of the Jewish mainstream media, as they try to hold back the winds of White Nationalism sweeping across the USA.

(((Jennifer Rubin))):

Only 24 hours after he read a serious speech off a teleprompter committing to send more young men and women to fight in Afghanistan, President Trump reverted to form, delivering a rambling, rage-filled, 77-minute harangue that was alternately defensive, angry, accusatory and just plain weird. Like a trapped animal, he lashed out in every direction, trying unsuccessfully to draw blood.


Jennifer Rubin
Jews are like a cancer or a parasite. They go into other peoples’ nations and immediately work to get control of media, banking, education, government, etc. so that they can lie to, steal from, enslave and directly or indirectly kill the people who opened their door to the Jews.
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