DreamHost Vows to Remain Impartial Regarding White Nationalist Websites

Ars Technica
August 16, 2017

Some tech companies that provide hosting, domain, and CDN services to many of the most prominent hate groups are now re-evaluating those decisions in the wake of recent far-right violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. However, other firms are holding their course in the name of free speech principles.

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For its part, Dreamhost, which hosts at least two white nationalist websites, Forza Nuova USA and NorthwestFront.org, said that it will continue to serve them.

Brett Dunst, a company spokesman, e-mailed Ars:

Our longstanding policy, one that has been in place since we began in 1997, has been that we will host any website as long as its content is legal in the United States of America… We will take action when approached by law enforcement to remove websites that are operating unlawfully, but we do not otherwise impose restrictions on customer content. As stalwart supporters of the Constitution’s First Amendment, we believe that hosting providers should not be in the business of dictating acceptable content among its users. We are a resource for publishers of all backgrounds, not a clearinghouse for thoughts and opinions (however distasteful some of them may be.)


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