Jews Are the Sort of People Who Create Liberals

Liberals Are The Sort Of People Who….

September 4, 2016

Liberals are the sort of people who eat cheeseburgers while they send vulgar messages to hunters who post pics of their kills. They’re the sort of people who ride in a private jet to an overseas conference where they claim our extravagant Western lifestyle is destroying the planet. They’re the sort of people who oppose drilling any new oil wells and then complain because gas prices are so high.

Liberals love America. Except for our past. And our capitalistic economic system. And our flag. And most of the people who don’t want liberals micromanaging their lives. But, don’t you call them unpatriotic because they support higher taxes…which makes them more patriotic than people who actually love their country. Or Something.

Liberals laugh at Christians who are serious about their faith, mock morality at every turn and do everything they can to promote degeneracy. Then they’re outraged if anyone notes the obvious fact that they’re morally inferior to conservatives.

Liberals are the sort of people who obsessively call other people racist right after they imply black Americans are too stupid, poor and lazy to get voter ID like everyone else in America.

Liberals are the sort of people who do everything they can to facilitate the deaths of millions of female babies via abortion and demand that men be allowed to use the women’s restroom even as they claim conservatives are engaged in a war on women. They’re the sort of people who sneer, “How could anyone vote for Donald Trump?” even as they put up a yard sign for a woman who would be the most corrupt, dishonest and incompetent President in American history.

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