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Anti-Immigrant Hardliners, White Nationalists Adored Trump’s Speech

Allegra Kirkland
Talking Points Memo
September 1, 2016

The version of Donald Trump best loved by his base was on full display during his Wednesday night speech in Phoenix, Arizona. With pledges that Mexico will pay for a U.S.-Mexico border wall “100 percent,” every undocumented immigrant in the country will be deported, and sanctuary cities will no longer exist, Trump’s speech read as an anti-immigrant activist’s wish list.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity said the one-two punch of the GOP nominee’s impromptu trip to Mexico and immigration speech amounted to “the best day of his campaign.”

Other diehard supporters, including conservative media personalities, white nationalists, and alt-right Twitter activists, took to social media to express their approval.

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Wissel, Adolf. <em>Farm Family from Kahlenberg</em>. 1939. Oil on canvas.
Wissel, Adolf. Farm Family from Kahlenberg. 1939. Oil on canvas.
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