Jews Thwart White Racialism with Inflammatory KKK Lies

White Nation News
June 12, 2016

The Jew asserts, “racial awareness, defense and prosperity for me but not for thee, White man.”


The internet has made the Ku Klux Klan as dangerous as the Islamic State because people who feel marginalized “can pick this stuff up just the way ISIS does,” author Laurence Leamer told Newsmax TV on Thursday.

“That’s why it’s so frightening for the authorities. How do you hunt these people? How do you know that somebody like this is going to do this? It’s almost impossible to trace them beforehand.”

“What do you do? We don’t want to limit American freedoms, but yet they spew this hatred — and some ignorant and desperate people pick this stuff up.”

The Jews, as a people, have targeted the White race for extermination. Everything you hear from Jews (and their complicit and culpable White servants) about the “evils” of Whites viewing the world through a racial lens is a lie to stifle your natural inclination to fight back. When you read these stories and watch these videos, you must always remain keen to the fact that, if you are a White person, these people are lying to you. They will tell you that “racial hatred” is a “disease” that only afflicts White people, while vigorously defending the racial interests of Jews and non-Whites. They tell you this to silence your mouth if not your thoughts, so that you will not fight back as they dismantle your nation and civilization and slaughter the future of your folk.

Fight back we must, else our future is lost. Fight back we must, else the lives of our ancestors are lost — we are their purpose for having lived. Fight back we must, else the lives of our descendants are lost — they are our purpose for having lived. Fight back against the pernicious Jews and their murderous lies, we must.

The Volunteers, 1860
Hardy, Frederick Daniel. The Volunteers. 1860. Oil on panel.
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