Swiss Tunnel Ceremony a Pageantry of Perversion

Satanic Switzerland? New Tunnel Opens with Bizarre Occult-like Ceremony

Selwyn Duke
The New American
June 8, 2016

It may be a perfect metaphor for modern times: a miracle of the most advanced technology celebrated with a presentation of the most primitive morality.

After 20 years in the making, Switzerland’s Gotthard Base Tunnel opened last Wednesday to much fanfare. Now the world’s longest rail tunnel, the Gotthard has a route length of 35.5 miles and a total of 94.3 miles of tunnels, shafts, and passages. The largest construction project in Swiss history, the €11bn tunnel is also the world’s deepest, running more than 1.4 miles below the Swiss Alps. Unfortunately, the project’s opening ceremony also reached great depths — of depravity.

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